research projects

1.       A Comparative study of lateral windiw & Osteotome technique for sinus floor augmentation

2.       All on four  immediate function concept with Branemark system implants for completely edentulous maxilla and mandible: A one year prospective clinical study.

3.       A comparative study of the effect of Implant connection length on linear and rotational Impression accuracy of tilted implants

4.       Evaluation the effect of geometry, length and diameter of implant on primary stability

5.       Histologic and histomorphomertric evaluation of Bio-Oss graft material in maxillary sinus floor elevation

6.       Influence of lateral – oblique cyclic loading on abutment screw loosening and microleakage of implant- abutment connection in internal and external connection implants

7.       Evaluation of tactile sense of surgeon in determining bone density in the implant site: a histomorphometric study in human

8.       Effect of histologic and histomorphometric of ITB V.S Cenobone with and without using membrain Allograft in quality and quantity repairing rat calvarium critical size defect

9.       Evaluation of the effect of dehiscence on implant stability during primary healing phase

10.   clinical evaluation of trasmucosal implants with titanium and laser-lok collar

11.   Evaluation of implant tapering and platform switching on crestal bone stress in Nobel Replace Tapered groovy and Nobel Replace Straight groovy implants:FiniteElement Analysis

12.   A comparative accuracy of linear measurements using cone beam c.t and clinical measurement

13.   Evaluation of peri implant tissue health of implants installed in implant deoartment of tehran medical university between 1380-1390.

14. The relationship between jaws and skeletal bone mineral density using DXA technique

15. The Comparative evaluation of treatment potential of periodontitis by using of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in dogs

16. Prospective evaluation of soft tissue stability in single implants in esthetic zone

17. Comparative evaluation of Submucosal microbial flora around healthy and inflamed osseointegrated implants